Tasty Tea of Nemotoen

From cultivating tea leaves to roasting them, we spare no effort to make tea at the land stretching between Mt. Tsukuba and Sone River.
Good tea starts with "materials," that is tea leaves.
Deep flavors and aromas of tea are depended on quality of leaves, so we take time and effort to manage the tea garden from keeping soil in good condition.
Also, we consistently manage the process of tea leaves becoming progucts with the traditional manufacturing methods according to a tea master, so please enjoy our safe and secure tea!


Nemotoen's persistence

It is a tea shop that does everything from cultivating tea leaves to producing them at the land that is blessed with the nature of the Kanto Plain.
We took many years to make the materials to make the ultimate tea.
The materials of tea are tea leaves, and the good soil is what grows them.
Natural ingrediesnts grow with the good nutrient-rich soil.We established the cultivation method that is resistant to pests and plant diseases and needs reduced amount of agricultural chemicals by creating and protecting the good environment for the microbes with our original natural farming.
Also, we consistently manage the process of tea leaves becoming progucts with the traditional manufacturing methods according to a tea master,so we do our best to send you the safe and secure tea.

Making Natural Soil

当Our original farming is based on “making healthy soil.” We make it full of life force and nutrient-rich.
We try to do nature-friendly farming. If rich soil is created by natural resources, organic matter, and fallen leaves circulating naturally,
tea trees can be supplied with enough nutrients by the organic matter without using chemical fertilizers,
and that makes the tea trees stronger and helps them develp antioxidan activity and immune system,
and that provides inhibitory effects on plant diseases and pests.

One-tip Two-leaf

The wish contained in the leaves…
We pick sprouts that nutrients were condensed by the temperture difference and took 1 year to grow at the right season.
Freshness is the crucial factor of tea leaves, so we use air-cooling to cool them not to damage them.

Technique of the Master The First Process

Japanese tea steaming process is that we value the right amout of steaming for each day’s tea leaves to make
sweet aromas come out of them by balancing the 5 points (angle, amout of steam, ??????, rotation stirring,
and input).  After that, we slowly hand-roll them with hot air.

Technique of the Master Roasting

We remove stems, powder, etc., from the tea that went through the first process to make clean products.
After that, we bring out the most of aromas and taste of the tea by slowly fire roasting from the center with our original roasting technic.

Technique of the Master Blending

Blending the roasted tea leaves by the technique of the master.
Deliciously blending them by delicately balancing the characteristic tea leaves to let them represent each other.

Extreme Technique Hand-rolling

“Hand-rolling” the original and traditional Japanese tea production method…

It is the basis for the machines used now, so mastering the tea hand-rolling technique leads to maintaining and inheriting the traditon and improving the technique.
Hand-rolling slowly until they become long and thin like needles.

Safe and Secure

We use foreign material removal machines for quality inspections to assure you.
As soon as the inspections are done, we pack them in bags.Also, we use vacuum-packing machines that are shaped like boxes to keep the good quality.

Trust Relationship with Customers

Tasty tea becomes really meaningful when customers are happy with it.
For that, we think bringing up and continuing our achievements like the same
traditional taste, the quality, and the thoroughness of quality inspection using
foreign material removal machines is what builds trust.

The 6th “Nemotoen” Tea Master, Hiroki Nemoto

After graduating from high school, he studied about tea at a tea research
institute in Shizuoka for 2 years.
After that, he was trained for 1year and then teturned home.Now he manages from cultivating tea leaves to producing them.
At the G7 Science and Technology Ministers’ Meeting in Tsukuba held at the same time the G7 summit (G7 Ise-shima summit) was held, he served green tea that took him 3 hours to extract with iced water using tea leaves that cost \100,000 per 100g, and it was highly acclaimed by the participants from each country.
Also his skills are highly evaluated. The team he manages as Ibaraki Sashima Hand-rolled Tea Preservation Society won the first prize at the 19th Japan Tea Hand-rolling Skill Tournament and won the championship at the 15th Japan Hand-rolling Skill Tournament.

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